The Amazing New 3D Technology

The new 3D technology, with revolutionary motion control experiences, is already giving big hints of things to come in the world of gaming and entertainment. Extremely rich data visualization, interactively explored in 3D space, the next generation motion control experiences is already here with the new 3D technology.

There’s no denying that the new 3D technology still needs perfection. And people do notice the pitfalls, for instance, using the 3d glasses can cause an obvious dimming of the image. Also, simply tilting your head can cause ghosting and color changes in the image. Several people can suffer headaches and nausea when watching 3D for a long period. But the amazing new 3D technology overcomes these problems and is the next big thing in home entertainment.

The new 3D technology by the European researchers can display 3D images at a monitor’s full resolution. There is no darkening of the ambient light and no restrictions on viewing angle. The viewers feel much less strain on the eyes than other 3D technologies. PlayStation Division, Sony Gulf FZE has already announced groundbreaking new products and services based on amazing new 3D technology.

Confident of delivering deliver consumers unparalleled entertainment options this year with the latest in 3D technology, gamers can enjoy PlayStation Move and games, plus blockbuster titles for PlayStation3 (PS3) including inFAMOUS 2, Twisted Metal and many more.

The world’s fist consumer 3D webcam “Minoru” can help you see your friends and family for real, in 3D over your favorite messaging program like Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL, OoVoo and many others. One can easily take 3D photos or even shoot 3D videos with the new 3D technology.

It’s incredibly to watch the new 3D technology evolving so fast. Manifesting itself in the field of entertainment as well education, it would be difficult to contain our excitement, even if we try.

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