How to set up a bootable pen drive (both for Windows and Linux)

I am here with a how-to guide for you. Having your OSes on their disc is ok. But if you need them on a flash drive/pen drive for use with a netbook kind of devices or CD-driveless PCs, you are at right place.

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Let me show you two softwares that are able to copy/make your OS from your disc or HDD to a pen drive. One is for Windows and another is for Linux.

1. Novicorp WinToFlash (Windows):

Here's the Windows flash creator that I prefer. Available for free and there's a paid version too. Download free one from here.

1.    Download the application from here.
2.    Once you open that, it shows up some wizards.
3.    Continue by selecting the flash drive, directory on which the files are, etc.
4.    Then it'll start the process.
5.    After its completion, restart and set USB as first boot device on BIOS(DEL/F1/F2 on bootload)
6.    Boot into pen drive.

2. LinuxLive(LiLi) USB Creator (Linux):

For Linux its a free simpler and lighter software.. Get it here.

1.    Choose the USB drive after plugging it into your computer.
2.    Step two is choosing the source of files. You can choose them from ISO, CD(also means    your PC directories) or download it from web.
3.    After choosing options like Format with FAT32/Hide created files and all, click on the lighting   icon at bottom.
4.    It'll soon copy the files to your flash drive.
5.    Then boot it by restarting the PC.
6.    Set USB as first boot device on BIOS(DEL/F1/F2 on bootload)
7.    You're done!

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