iPhone 5S Causes Higher App Crash Rates?

Apple's latest iPhone 5S has been selling very well and will be out by the end of this month to numerous countries; however, reports have come out about the high level app crashes suffered by the device. Certain reports from AllThingsD stated that the apps installed on the iPhone 5S have a two percent crash rate in comparison to iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 which have only under one percent crash rates.

Although app crashes have been commonly expected to occur by Apple iPhone users when they upgrade to iOS 7, these app crashes have noticeably occurred more often with iPhone 5S according to a Crittercism - a reliable analytic company that have been monitoring crash reports and tools for app developers. Most of users have reported about several application failures not only with third party applications but even with Apple apps and Support Service Communities discussion boards including its Settings, Numbers, Safari, Facebook, Skype, and Whatsapp.

Tracing Down the Culprit

The most frequent question asked by both users and evaluators: What causes all these app crashes? Why did it worsen? The answer is simple - it's processor. The new 64-bit A7 processor, which is not present in the former iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, has been thought as the source of this app problem. However, because Apple has not released any statement saying app designed for the 32-bit phones can't function well with 64-bit iPhone 5S and because it's also having app crash problems with its own apps, there is also a possibility that this can't be the reason.

Now, if there are no problems with the processor, maybe there is a problem with its operation system. If A7 processor is behaving as what is expected of it, probably the next in line to blame is the iOS 7. Ever since its release, it had two revisions already and a third has been expected to follow. There is a possibility that the issues of this gadget is the combination of the renovations done on the device. With the several transitions that this device has gone through - from its new operating system and the introduction of a 64-bit architecture - compatibility all these has become an issue.

With the paramount complaints aired out by some users and negative reviews written by tech bloggers and developers, we can only hope that Apple can address this problem immediately. They are foremost aware of this problem and as what Crittercism's CEO stated, "Apple does a good job in addressing them [problems and issues] that come up." Then, we'll see and keep updated with how they go about these problems before we find ourselves being one of those people who suffered and aired out complaints on the discrepancies of the product.

This article is contributed by aucompd.com.au – a network cabling service based in Australia.

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