3D Technology Techniques

So, how 3D technology works? In order to understanding the basic 3D technology techniques, it is important to first understand how the human sight works. Human beings have two eyes which are about 3 inches apart from each other. This distance between the two eyes produce two slightly different images which are transmitted to the brain. The brain will then make a space in where distance and depth can be perceived. Read on to know about 3D technology techniques.

The working of 3d technology is such that in order to produce this same kind of space in your brain requires tricking your brain into seeing two different images from the same source. The real thing lies in knowing how it is done by the 3D technology. Well, it places two minutely different images over each other or in alternating succession. The human being should then be wearing a set of 3D glasses that will help in dissecting this image and transmit it to the correct eye.

In order to understand basic 3D technology techniques, we must also have an idea about the 3D glasses. At present, there are around two main kinds of 3D glasses technologies which are called as active and passive. The active glasses are the ones which have got electronics that are meant to change the display. While on the other hand, the passive glasses are the ones that don’t have any electronics and they employ a different way to dissect the images.

The active glasses required for the 3D technology techniques are also categorized into two main kinds which are called as liquid crystal shutter glasses and display glasses. Also, two of the presently used passive 3D glasses technologies are linearly polarized glasses and circularly polarized glasses. We hope the explanation above helps you understand how 3D technology works and the 3D technology techniques.

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