All About 3D Phones

If you still haven't dipped your toes but are curious about 3d phones, then you are at the right place. It was only in a matter of time before we saw the first 3d phone and it’s hardly a surprise. Although its availability is limited to a few countries, it won’t be long that we see 3d phone model in almost every hand. Big giants like Samsung and LG are already trying to incorporate 3D system within some of the newest handsets.

As the 3D technology progresses, more and more content is being developed and released for these new 3d phones. You will not only be able to play 3D games but also see videos on your 3D phone without any special glasses. You can find a dedicated 3D shortcut key on the phone for switching on or off the 3D mode any time you want.

Looking into on how these new 3d phones work, there is something called a parallax barrier inside the device that produces a 3D image for the users. This exceptional method directs light to the viewer’s eyes and it is these light waves that facilitate the 3D picture to be seen on the screen. However, the user needs to be directly in front of the screen to see the 3D images.

The 3d phone is equipped with a high speed broadband processor, which helps the user to carry out a number of tasks simultaneously without limiting the performance of the Operating System or the speed of the phone. A fresh press release for the new 3d phone model features that it can be used for the things like an estate agent taking you on a virtual tour of a house or even for parents to be able to see their child’s home run in 3D if they missed the game. The 3d phone will be a standout mobile phone and will shape the future of all mobiles.

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