3D Human Anatomy for Learning

Medical professionals have always been trained using human anatomy models. Earlier these anatomy models were made from wax. Later on industrially manufactured plastics replaced these models. Modern information and visualization using 3D technology offers a real alternative to anatomical plastics models. 3D human anatomy images represent the next generation of anatomy training and the 3D human anatomy atlas.

3D human anatomy

3D human anatomy images cannot break and do not require any storage space or a dust cover. The advanced computer technology provides new ways of interaction, resulting in a more efficient and cost effective learning process for the medical professional in a shorter period of time.

3D human anatomy atlas can interpret complex concepts into simplified visual experiences in medical world. It significantly improves the training programs, academic and commercial instructional. Providing a visual presentation that disseminates scientific, medical and biological knowledge with highly detailed anatomical cross-sections, 3D human anatomy conveys medical, biological, scientific, and other life science topics visually. They improve the impact and knowledge transfer of research publications.

3D human anatomy images give you detailed 3D models of all major organs and systems of the human body. With easy to use 3D controls and dynamical search capability, these applications are usually free online. 3D human anatomy atlas is not only used by med. students, teachers, but anyone who wants to learn more about the human body. The models are developed by experts with decades of experience in the fields of medical illustration and biomedical visualization behind them.

3D human anatomy images helps one study the human body per layer, ranging from skin, blood circulation, digestion track, and all the other body systems. They hold a vast resource of info on what’s organ works for what, and the relationship of each organ with another organ.

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