How Do 3D Glasses Work?

3D glasses are let you view two different images of the same object taken from a to some extent different position and trick your brain into seeing one 3D image. One of the oldest examples of 3D glasses is the color filter glasses. The system works in such a manner that both eyes get a different color filter in front of them. It results in the left eye seeing only few colors and right eye some other colors. Read on to know more on how do 3d glasses work.

Color filter glass is quite popular kinds of 3d glass and there are various examples to support this fact. The color filter glasses have also been extensively used in 3D movies and also in some of the early computer games. The benefit of using these types of 3d glasses is that the 3D substance can be stored to any standard color video media and viewed with normal display equipments as long as you wear the right color filter glasses. These kinds of 3D glasses are quite affordable because they can be made from very cheap kind of plastic filters.

This technique used to make 3D glass forces colors in the picture to be compromised since they have too many different colors in different eyes. Practically, you can loose almost all your color, so you can see objects coming out of the screen but they are gray. The colors can also result in creating create some eyestrain and distortion in some people.

The other types of 3d glasses are called as the polarizing glasses. This way of creating the 3D effect is generally used with projection displays when 3D material is to be displayed. All of the spectators are required to wear special glasses that are made up of two polarizing lenses, having their polarization directions adjusted to be 90 degrees different. It makes is possible that left eye sees it's picture without problems however everything meant to right eye seems to be black. The same logic applies also to right eye. The material which needs to be displayed is generally projected using two projectors. The projection surface needs to be specially made so that it does not do any harm to the polarization. The advantage of using this method to make best 3d glasses is that the pictures can be in full color and the viewing glasses are still quite inexpensive.

Where to buy 3d glasses? Well, they are easily available at popular electronic stores. One can also buy them online.

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